Hosting Packages

Web-hosting Package is the first step after finalizing your domain name. You can order your domain right at your hosting registration but it’s not recommended.

In most cases the web-hosting provider will offer a free domain registration for one year or more but it’s still not recommended.

The best way is to register your domain on one of the domain name whole seller like or

Most Web-hosting provider have the feature of having more than one website on one account but eventually they don’t advertise is and in some cases they deactivate that feature. So you better make sure that your Web-hosting provider will give you this feature and also has all the other features for handling your website.

Normally there are hundreds of features that can be added or removed from a Web-hosting service but there not many people who are aware of that.

One of the most famous Web-hosting provider who offers the cheapest price and also have all the possible services that you need is


Another recommended Web-Hosting who offers great services which affordable prices is

HostGator review

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