SEO Services

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a certain steps and conditions that a business should take online to have a good ranking and higher search display rate on most popular search engines.

You may have seen some ESO companies who advertise their packages which claim they do everything for you and bring your website and business rank to the highest level of searches. These packages are normally based on monthly payments and they are quite expensive ($1000/month and higher). More importantly despite of the high price none of them give you guarantee that you will make more than what you pay.

What we do is not selling such packages mentioned above.

We walk you thru all the steps that is required for a great SEO result. And in many cases we do some first initial setup for you including the training of how to continue and move forward, so after that you can do it yourself.

SEO Requirement Check Points

This is the first step that needs to be done to begin. Below you can see the list of the SEO Check Points. Almost all of the following won’t require any payment for most of their basic setup and services which can be taken advantage and if you want to get more benefit then you can set some budget for them.

  • Have you registered your business on Google Local Businesses?
  • Have you applied your website Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Have you designed your website as UI/UX standard?
  • Have you installed SEO Tools on your website to follow the search engine rules and restrictions
  • Has your website filled with the right contents, pictures and media that represent your business perfectly that is understandable to visitors.
  • Is your website registered for monitoring incoming traffic to your website especially on Google Analytics?
  • Is your website collecting users and customers as leads to use them later on for marketing communications?
  • Is your website registered for SSL to create more trust on incoming visitors?
  • Is your business actively registered on most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Instagram, …?
  • Have you listed your services on some local or international website like Kijiji, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, …?

Next Step

Once we inspected your business for the above check points we will let you know how much more job is needed to complete those missing points for the minimum level of initiation and setup and as soon as receiving yours “go ahead” signal the project will begin.

our goal is to make you or your business crew get their hands on the whole process as a daily base job. And as we mentioned before on every step there is a possibility to boost it for more result with spending some extra budget and drive more leads to your business.

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